Kanchan Rk Sharma

kanchan sharma

Founder, Director – Aurora, Institution for Meta Physics.

Breakthrough Coach, Healer, Counselor, Trainer and Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Writer and Columnist in a Wellness Magazine as well as a ‘Women’s Newspaper’.

Educationally belonging to the service industry, and professionally engaged in the Marketing sector for more than three years with MNCs, and as a Trainer after that, Tarot Cards came to her as a hobby for the occult sciences at the age of 18.

It was since then, that she started practicing Tarot and Numerology and delved deeper into this mystical world. Therapies like Reiki, Crystal Healing and Past Life Regression gave an all new boost and triggered the urge to start up an own wellness center, for her.

But, it was only with the introduction of the presence of Supernatural powers of the Angels in her life, did the urge set into motion and Aurora was formed!

“I am in deep love with the Angels and Angel Therapy. And the most interesting part is I didn’t know what was going on in those days. The Angels themselves chose to come to me and thus I was made aware of their presence and guidance. Believe me! That was the day when the angels made me listen to my higher calling in life and here I am! After quitting my job right in the middle and starting up Aurora. They made me become conscious of my purpose and made me do what my heart desires. I thought to myself, I anyways have to do this, then why wait for the right time??  Why not do this now and make the time right?”

A believer in learning as the constant experience of life by the minute, she is in the process to further her position by acquiring a Doctorate in the same field.

“It has been a constant effort to form and maintain a wellness center where all the meta-physical realms meet and reside in harmony!”

The universe has been kind enough to provide with more and more knowledge and today, Aurora, as a wellness center has a lot of loyal clients and the list is ever increasing. New therapies are added often, and the various techniques of healing creatively created by her have benefited many! The use of combination of various techniques to target one issue has brought about accelerated healing in many people. Yet, her forte remains Card Readings and energy healing, which has helped many in taking the right decisions and helped her counsel numerous clients.  Another forte of hers is Aura and Chakra Cleansing and Balancing.

“The ancient knowledge of the aura and chakras has always fascinated me and I find myself getting involved with it deeper and deeper.  I really look forward to attending one of the ancient ashrams where I can further my understanding of this ever-so-vast traditional Sanskrit concept and take if ahead. Incorporating this erudition has had an enormous impact on maintaining the well being of people around.”

The training provided by her is personalized and custom made to suit the needs of the clients. You can surely go for the following courses, out of which, some are particularly crafted by her:

Tarot Card – Level I and II, Soul Tarot (Level III), Numerology, Reiki Level I, II and III, Aura Chakra Training, Angel Therapy, Graphology, Vaastu and Feng Shui, Candle Magick, Color Therapy

The best part is, you ask for it and you get it! Tailor-made, according to your own needs and preferences.