Farida Dariwala

Farida Dariwala

Her methods and approaches include Access Consciousness, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Channeling messages from the Angelic Realm, Angel therapy, Master Re-connection, Bodywork with Core Somatic Integration and Rhythmic Relaxation Technique, Cognitive counseling, Crystal therapy, as well as divination with Oracle cards.

Her formidable list of credentials includes Clinical Hypnotherapy, Access Bars, Access Body processes (Energetic Facelift, Correcting Vision, Restoration of structures and joints to name a few). She has received intensive training in healing through body work, aura, and through cognitive counselling.

Most particularly, Farida has developed, through her deep compassion for life, an integrated system of Energy Healing. While working through Energy, she connects to multiple layers of the patient’s existence, accessing deep, cell-bound issues, and channels healing to the patient with grace from all of conceptual existence.
As most of her clients claim, it is an experience of grace to be healed by Farida…. and it is a richer grail of love to be connected with her, and thus to all of universe!

Farida offers counselling and therapy for behavioral and cognitive issues with Clinical Hypnotherapy.
She also offers analyses of aura and therapy through crystals, along with divination through oracle cards, to make her healing method and embracing of the whole individual, as a reflection of the divine.

Farida has also written articles on healing for Complete Wellness Magazine and some few regional magazines.