What is Reiki ?

Good health isn’t just the absence of disease. It is a complete well being including a healthy body, emotional stability, mental agility and peace of mind. With our lives increasing pace everyday, health seems to be disappearing into oblivion. It doesn’t have to, not anymore! Reiki works at the level of our energy patterns. Any problem in our lives, whether at a physical, emotional, mental or even financial level, originates because of a problem in our energies. Reiki gently corrects these energy patterns and brings them to normal, thereby restoring normalcy and health in our lives.

What can Reiki do ?

  • Reiki treatment can be done simultaneously with any other ongoing treatment expediting recovery.
  • This drugless, harmless & skill-less therapy rejuvenates. one feels filled with peace, vitality and joy – a sense of well being.
  • Reiki heals cuts, burns, fractures etc. very fast.
  • Reiki can be very effective for post surgical recovery also.
  • Reiki can be a great help to corporate executives in tackling their stress level and people like computer professionals having work related posture problems.
  • Physical Problems & Incurable Diseases, Negative Mind, Emotions, Attitudes, Concepts & Complexes.
  • Psychic Attacks, Black Magic & Planetary Fears, Family Disputes & Relationship Problems.
  • Financial Problems & Poverty, Educational & Career Problems, Bad Luck, Failures & Sufferings.
  • Ignorance, Fears, Blind Belief & Superstition
Is Reiki scientifically proven?
There are a number of reputable scientific studies that provide evidence that Reiki is therapeutic. These studies can be found by using one of the professional medical databases such as PubMed or Cochrane Collection. Studies meeting medical and scientific standards are usually published in peer-reviewed journals. There are over 20 such studies on the therapeutic value of Reiki.
What kind of problems can Reiki solve?
If it is a problem, Reiki can help. From common colds to diabetes, from lawsuits to finding parking slots, Reiki is helpful everywhere. Whether you are sick or depressed, or simply want to repair a strained relationship, Reiki can help. It helps bring anger in control, helps introverts talk, and even helps maintain your calm during exams and make the best of your memory.
Will Reiki definitely cure me?
Just as in allopathy or any other medical system, Reiki does not guarantee any cure. The speed and magnitude of the healing depends on the patient’s subconscious desire to heal himself. While on the one hand there have been miraculous recoveries, there are also occasional cases where there is either negligible improvement, or an improvement that the patient refuses to acknowledge.
I am under medication for my ailment, can I still take Reiki treatment?
Reiki does not interfere with any medical system, or even other alternative therapies. It increases the immunity of the patient and helps to reduce the side effects of medicines. It can be used along with any other system, whether allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, and others.
Are there any side effects of Reiki?
There are no side effects of Reiki, as Reiki is a non-intrusive method. As mentioned above, Reiki is an intelligent energy and only that much is given to a patient as much is required. Aside from the fact that some patients feel so relaxed that they feel sleepy, it has no side effects at all.

Can I learn Reiki on the internet? Are there any books which can teach me Reiki?
When you buy clothes online you want to touch and feel the fabric. In the same way if you learn Reiki in presence of a teacher you will feel and experience better than online. But if you don’t find a teacher near your place you may learn online. Remember in both the cases attunment is the same.There are several books and online articles on Reiki, but you need more than just theoretical knowledge to learn Reiki.
Becoming a Reiki channel involves the opening of your chakras (the energy centers of your body) so that you can channel energy through your body and pass it on to others. For this purpose, you need to learn reiki in the presence of a qualified teacher.