Greetings everyone.. I am sharing this article for all Reiki Novice to get the grasp of basic concepts of Reiki.. So here it goes..

Q: What is Reiki?

A: No words can suffice its definition, for it can be well expressed through a feeling, just like Love..Can you describe Love? Difficult to explain until you feel this beautiful emotion. Still, to simplify, Reiki is a Divine Cosmic Energy which activates body’s own natural healing responses, thereby promoting relaxation and reducing stress. So how do we block our own healing responses? We block by our own negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. If you see Reiki definition can be derived from its own 2 words – Rei and Ki.. Rei means God’s or Divine’s or Creator’s energy and Ki is a term for life force energy that keeps us alive.. Low Ki energy implies a person is unhappy and people who have high Ki energy, feel blessed always. So, to summarize Reiki is God’s or Divine’s or Creator’s energy which uplift our life force energy to live a life in a powerful and wise way. Reiki is a modality , wherein one derives Universal Divine Cosmic Energy to heal almost everything, which includes healing yourself or others physically, mentally, emotionally, karmically, and spiritually.

Q: What is Reiki Attunement?

A: It is a process where, the Masters raise the students’ body vibrations to be in tune with the frequency of Divine Reiki energy. Attunements enable you to receive Healing energies perfectly with ease. Attunements can be well simplified with the example of a Radio, you see when you tune your Radio to a particular frequency, you receive the information. Like 98.3FM, or 101.00FM.. For attunement, one needs to be in meditative state and Masters send energy and attune you to Reiki.


Q: Is Distant attunement effective?

A: Distant healing and attunement is equally effective as in person sessions.. Since energy is not limited to time and space and Reiki is a Divine Cosmic Energy, a very wise, smart, intelligent energy, will reach the concerned person perfectly. For example, you see electronic modes of communication that is whats app, emails etc – these are also an energy.. Now when someone sends a mail or msg to you, only you and you receive it not your friends or relatives. And you check emails and msgs anytime as per your convenience. Similarly When masters send Reiki healing or attunement for a person, it’s only meant for that particular person and the person can receive the energy anytime as per his/her convenience just by stating simple intention “I am now ready to receive healing energies or attunement sent by xyz masters”

Intentions are like password of your emails through which u start downloading informations..

Q: How many levels of Reiki are there?

A: There are 3 levels of Reiki plus 1 level for teachership.

Level 1 – 4 attunements, which is related to physical cleansing and hands on healing . I meant you can heal self and others via your hands.

Level 2 – 1 attunement, which cleanses our mental and emotional self, plus from this level you can send healing to anyone via distance, from your home to someone in America too..

Level 3 – Master level, 1 attunement, deals with healing and cleansing of karmas and to reach a state of spirituality. Spirituality means self I.e self awareness, self realization, self love, self respect, self confidence, self dependent etc.

Last Level – Teachership- 1 attunement, This level enables you to attune others to Reiki Divine Energies.

Q: Why Level 1 has 4 attunements?

A: Reiki  Level 1 generally has four stages and therefore four attunements:

  • 1st stage– To open the chakras and auras.
  • 2nd stage– To connect physical body with etheric body.
  • 3rd stage– To balance right brain and left brain, left and right auras, all chakras.
  • 4th stage– To empower the attunements and synchronizing soul, mind and body.

If all stages are combined in one attunement in Reiki level 1, no doubt, the person would still be attuned to Reiki energy but his/her physical vibrations will be dramatically raised and the person would take time in proceeding to the next Reiki level.

Q: How will I know whether I am attuned to Reiki or this Reiki energy working on me?

Well, we all are vibrating at a certain frequency (lower than Divine Cosmic Reiki energy). Now when you take Reiki healing or attunement, there is a mix and fusion of both energies I.e our lower body vibrations energy and Divine Reiki Energy. Now this high vibration Reiki flushes out all the lower vibrations negativities and toxins out of our body via cleansing symptoms like diarrhea,flu, mild fever, headache etc, thereby leading to the rise in our body vibrations and that’s how healing takes place. Healing is nothing, but raising your body vibrations to be on tune or sync with our desires or wishes. Please take these cleansing symptoms in a positive way, understand – it implies that energies are working. But if you suffer persistent unbearable illness, please visit the doctor. Because, this Divine Energy has brought deep rooted problems to the surface for your and doctors’ attention to be treated and healed quickly. Moreover, Reiki is a complementary therapy to enhance body healing mechanisms,so please don’t ignore doctors’ advise. Also cleansing symptoms may vary from person to person depending on their sensitivity to energy. Some people may not face any cleansing symptoms, but still trust and have faith – Reiki Divine Energies are always working for the highest and greatest good of all.

Q: When can I be a Reiki Master?

A: Well, already discussed, there are 3 levels of Reiki. So, to become a master, one has to do 21 days healing daily, before proceeding to next level. So, a person can become a master in 65 to 66 days..

Level 1 – 21 days healing

Level 2 – 21 days healing

Level 3 – 21 days healing

Plus additional 3 days for attunements of each level.

Q: Why 21 days cleansing and Healing?

A: Well, scientists have proved that it takes ideally 21 days for a human body and brain to change habits or program mind or be healed.

Q: If I am ready for Reiki, what do I need to do?

A: My dear, we don’t choose Reiki, Reiki chooses us. If you get the calling to learn Reiki, then it’s a Divine time. You don’t need to do anything much or prepare for the class. Masters will guide you throughout the class. Just make sure that you don’t consume non – veg or alcohol, 3 days prior to Reiki attunements, otherwise Divine Energies will be consumed in breaking down your food, and alcohol, than healing you. But yes, you will be perfectly attuned.

So, congratulate yourself and celebrate for Divine has chosen you, to embrace this path of spirituality





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