Karmic Cleanse-21 days Journey into your inner self..!!

Karmic Cleanse-21 days Journey into your inner self..!!


Product Description

Free yourself from the chains of the past..!! ⛓

Studies prove that humans operate from the subconscious mind, 95% and the conscious mind plays the role of the remaining 5%..!!

Have you ever wondered what is stored in YOUR subconscious mind!? All the experiences we have had as a child, which we call ‘conditioning’ in modern day language, we all know is one of w major reasons of how we operate in our daily life..!

Did you know there is also something called as ‘pre-conditioning’? In simpler words, pre conditioning Is the experiences your soul has had in previous lifetimes..!! These conditions are very much a part of your subconscious mind..! Which propel you to act / behave in certain ways in certain situations..

Talking about past lives, we many times take vows and get into experiences which are left incomplete..! And then the vicious cycle of life and birth begins..!! Although there is so much we can work towards, the incomplete energy exchanges from the previous life times can really be a major cause of issues in the present lifetime..!!

A lot of times the repetitive patterns that come up in your life are opportunities for you to complete those cycles from the previous lifetimes..
And more often than not these experiences can be painful..!!

We can consciously choose to release all the heavy baggage of the past. Be it your childhood or your past lives..!!

These 21 days, we will do exactly that..!!! Consciously understand in detail various concepts of Karma and release the negative patterns..!!!

These 21 days, a lot of Karmic Cleanse will happen and will combine the working of the following:

  1. Past life and age regressions
  2.  Angelic healing
  3.  Reiki energy healing

More than a course, this is a journey which will help you in unlocking and unblocking your way to a better life..

Let me tell you, this is going to be intense..!! Expect a lot of release as well as healing in these 21 days..!! The good news is that, the angels and Reiki will keep you in your energies and keep you grounded to make this a wonderful and light experience..!!!

What you can expect during these 21 Days? :-

  •  Getting to Know yourself
  •  Accessing your past lives
  •  Reconnecting with your Divinity
  • Discover your unique place in this universe
  •  Resolve issues with Cellular Memory
  •  Uncovering Unconscious influences from past lives
  •  Get to the core issues that lay beneath your perceived problems
  •  Discovering the Default path of your future
  •  Releasing frozen emotions forever
  •  Resolving unconscious beliefs
  •  Drawing yourself into Abundance channel
  •  Contacting your higher self directly
  •  Cutting energetic chords to your past lives
  •  Reorienting Relationship energies and belief systems
  •  Inner body cleansing
  •  Consciously choosing to Wrap up your Karma
  •  Unleashing past life talents
  •  The Magic Cure..
  •  And so much more…

The Karma from your past lives effects your mind, body, emotions and spirit..!! In these 21 days, we will consciously release all them through the above mentioned exercises and regressions..!! And set pace for an improved present and future..!!!

The benefits of these activities, exercises and regressions are many.. And it is needless to say that it will only improve every aspect of your life..!!!

All this and much more during these 21 days..! Reiki healings, Angelic healing as well as activating the self healing of the body is what you get as a bonus..!!


Starts on: 20th March through 10th April.
23rd marks the full moon.. Perfect for us to start the release.. Let go and manifest of a new and improved life!
Yes! At the end of each day, after the release, we will manifest a life of Choice!!!
Its a complete process!

Energy Exchange: 3100₹

Teacher: Kanchan RK Sharma

Whatsapp/call : +91 77983 24613

Lets roll!!! Lets shed the weight and raise our vibrations to manifest a life of choice.

Blessed Be!