Gajanan Vinayak Reiki

Gajanan Vinayak Reiki



Product Description

Gajanan Vinayak reiki(R) has been channeled by Reiki Master Teacher Sunetra Dasgupta. There are 5 symbols given to her and also the significance of each. This is a very powerful modality and unlike Reiki healing it has 55 days of cleansing, 11 days meditation on each symbol.

Prerequisite: A person has to be minimum Reiki level 2 to practice it, for the simple reason the energy is very intense and cleansing is heavy.

But it can be the first Reiki attunement for children of age 7 or below.

Energy exchange:

  • Free for children – 7 or below
  • 8-15 years – Rs.2555/-
  • Above years – Rs. 3777/-

Manuals and certificate shall be provided.

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