Deep Healing Reiki



Product Description

Deep Healing Reiki is a Reiki system that works on the hidden deep wounds that most of us have, hidden and buried within the psyche and energetic system. These wounds may be from present lives, past lives, or even ancestral ties. This is a beautiful and gentle energy. Warm and comforting it’s a lovely addition to your healing tool box.

Deep Healing Reiki works to gently clear and release these old wounds, and does so with a minimum amount of trauma or “clearing symptoms.” Because it is so gentle, immediate changes may not be readily apparent, but the lasting changes are profound.

This is a powerful tool for use with clients or on oneself for personal healing and growth.

Presently am keeping this system open to all Reiki practitioners. Learn DHR through Whatsapp and email and be attuned to this beautiful system at a time and date convenient to both parties.

Certificate will be given on completion of the workshop.

Teacher: Vedant Borah

Duration: 1 Days

For more details contact Vedant Borah