Crystal Healing Workshop By Rinku Patel



Product Description

The workshop is a 7 days course. Over these 7 days I shall send you data daily through mails, you go through it, if any query we will discuss it in the WA group. It will be a group discussion so every participant can read and learn from it.

What all are included in my class?

  • Introduction to crystal
  • Choosing Crystal
  • Cleansing
  • Programming


  1. Gridding
  2. Chakras and crystals
  3. Laying of stones
  4. Archangels and crystals
  5. Manifesting with crystals ( relations, wishes, money)
  6. Aura protection and cleanse
  7. Elixirs and combinations
  8. Crystals Properties
  9. Common problems and healing(Physical and emotional)
  10. Crystal combos (students, protections, money etc)
  11. How to heal with crystals
  12. Tarot/angel and crystals
  13. Importance of shapes
  14. Healing with wand
  15. Attract money with crystals
  16. Crystal massage
  17. Merkabah
  18. Meditation with crystals
  19. Fengshui and Crystals
    And many any other tips…

Giveaway: Certificates, full pdf of the data I send over the week.

Teacher: Rinku Patel

Duration: 7 days

Date: 16th – 22nd November

Location – Whatsapp (online)

Special offer if you register via For people staying in India a gift of crystal tumbles combo of abundance combo or relationship combo or protection combo.

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