Each one of us are on our own personal journey, dealing with success, joy and difficulties as they come our way. In such tough times, loving guidance can go a long way in providing the comfort and answers we are seeking.

You can get the psychic and intuitive guidance right here, with our Tarot expert Shwetha Holla.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are tarot card readings?
Tarot cards are used as a device for reflection, problem analysis, decision clarification, understanding of the self and guidance in the matters of our daily lives.

2. What to expect from a reading?
You can either ask for a general reading, that usually consists of a past present and future reading. Here you can be open to receive the guidance the cards has to offer you.

You can also request to read about any one area that you need guidance in, love, education, career, understanding yourself and so on.

Please note, She does not do reading on health and pregnancy, these are areas where a doctor knows best.

3. How do I know she is genuine?
When looking for a spiritual reading, always go with what your intuition tells you. You can check her facebook page, and look at the feedbacks given by her clients and decide.

4. How much do the readings cost?
The readings cost Rs 300. Once the payment is done, the reading will be sent within 2 days.

5. How to book a reading?

After making the payment by clicking the link at the bottom, mail your question at shwetha.holla05@gmail.com and you will get the reading within 2 days.

Have something more in mind? Send a mail to Shwetha: shwetha.holla05@gmail.com

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Some reviews from her client:

Shwetha Holla thanks for the reading..it was bang on and well explained. Also shwetha is highly psychic and intuitive hence can get you faster. Her detailed explanation works extremely well
Looking for many more readings from u!!
Thank you and namaste

-Ashwini Chube


Thank you Shwetha for such a wonderful reading. U can really help people to find a way out of their problems. Thank you for coming in my life in form of a guide. God bless you.

– Sulagna Bose


Hi Shweta , I hv never had an tarot reading before …you were my first and what a lovely experience …your reading was bang on, and its like you can actually see…
Past …accurate
Present….bulls eye
Future…. Agn spot bang on…
It helped see that what hv done & am doing & ll be doing are so interconnected also I was wondering whether I m moving in to ght direction …that too got cleared…
Once agn thanks for an awesum reading…. 

-‎Sushma Mishra Sharma 


Hi Shwetha.. M so glad n surprise (at that same time) especially regarding my past and present reading… It is so true!!!
Just thank you so much for the reading..
Keep it up.

-Asem Bidyapati

Read more reviews from her client on her facebook page

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